Africa is far too vast a continent to summarise in one paragraph, but suffice to say it encompasses a bewildering array of natural history attractions and geographical features, from snow-capped mountains, tropical coral islands and rolling savannah to misty rainforests, great rift valleys and massive volcanic craters. Reef & Rainforest concentrates on certain choice destinations in sub-Saharan Africa, each with its own particular species and offering a different raft of experiences from the others.

Africa Destinations

Where To Go


A land of unlikely contrasts, unique fauna, spectacular cultures and jaw-dropping scenery.


One of the last great wildlife destinations to be found on the continent

Republic of the Congo

Straddling the Equator, the Republic of the Congo (aka Congo-Brazzaville) is located in the heart of the Congo Basin


With vast game reserves, prolific wildlife and exceptional scenery, Tanzania is regarded by many as East Africa’s most desirable wildlife destination

South Africa

With an extensive range of excellent game reserves and safari lodges, South Africa is the ideal destination for special wildlife encounters


A small African country of exceptional beauty and wildlife, Rwanda has transcended its tragic past and is now a country reborn


Breathtaking scenery, endless horizons, towering sand dunes and desert-adapted wildlife against a wonderfully photogenic backdrop


Reef & Rainforest is the UK’s longest-established specialist for Madagascar, having operated there since 1992


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