South America


A cornucopia of new sights, sounds and experiences await you in South America, whichever destination you choose. Each country is surprisingly different from the next, each possessing its own characteristics in terms of culture, wildlife and topography. Whether you wish to admire colonial architecture, cruise the Galapagos Islands, spot jaguar in the Pantanal, survey the multiple cascades of Iguacu Falls or seek out rare birds in the Amazon rainforest, South America will enable you to do all those and a great deal more besides.

South America Destinations

Where To Go


Colombia is a land rich in natural and manmade attractions just waiting to be discovered


With such variety, Chile is without doubt one of South America’s greatest destinations


When it comes to nature’s gifts, Peru seems to have stolen the lion’s (or perhaps jaguar’s) share


Little-visited but with a great diversity of landscapes and wildlife and a friendly, English-speaking population, Guyana is one of the natural world’s best kept secrets.

Ecuador Galapagos

Along with its staggering diversity of architecture, landscapes, wildlife and culture, Ecuador also possesses an exceptional natural wonder – the Galapagos Islands


Brazil is so blessed with diverse landscapes, culture and wildlife that is has something for everyone, especially the discerning traveller in search of jaguar


With a fabulous combination of natural history attractions, Argentina is truly one of the world’s great wildlife destinations


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